Conversion copywriting for B2B SaaS companies

I don’t sit in a dark room and dream up words.

I research, interview, and analyze your customers until I know them better than you do.

The results? You land more customers, they stick around longer, and they have the words they need to feel good about taking the next step.
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”Which types of copy deliverables can I expect from you and how do they impact my revenue?”


Turn your website into your 24/7 salesperson.

Have high-traffic pages that aren’t converting like you need them to? I write copy for your core website pages to move prospects more efficiently through your funnel.

We do this through home pages, pricing pages, and feature pages to turn visitors into warm leads.

Stand out in yourprospect’s crowded inbox.

Instead of obsessing over open rates and subject lines, I’ll help train your subscribers to expect value from your emails. If you need emails that materialize in more leads, demos and sales, I’m your guy.

We do this through cold emails, lead nurture sequences and feature launch campaigns.

Leverage targeted landing pages to outperform your campaign goals.

Have a specific campaign in mind? Looking for an evergreen demo page that should be generating more signups?

We do this through gated content pages, demo sign up pages, and webinar registration pages.
BONUS: grab non-boring SaaS landing page templates here

Turn happy customers
into stories that sell.

If you’re not regularly documenting your most successful customers’ stories with your product, you’re leaving revenue on the table.

I help arm your sales team with compelling case studies that help them close deals faster.

Content that nudges on-the-fence prospects over the edge

Have a complex enterprise software with long implementation or rollout cycles? I help put write product training material that helps your software champions get their colleagues on board too.

We do this through implementation decks, training PDFs and in-app microcopy.

Get new users to the ‘aha moment’ faster.

If you’re SaaS offers a free trial, I help you put together a comprehensive email onboarding kit that moves new users from greenhorn prospects to experienced users ready to upgrade to the right pricing tier.

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