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Pricing and Timelines:

What are your rates?

Option 1) Full Writing Project → starting at $8,500

Here are the types of deliverables you can expect me to write for you:

- Website copy
- Landing page copy
- Email flow copy
- Case studies
- Long-form guides / eBooks
- Long-form research reports

But before I write any deliverables for new clients, I work through a required 2-to-4 week Messaging & Positioning Audit that includes:

- Quantitative conversion analytics and funnel analysis
- Qualitative market research and customer analysis
- Customer and internal SME interviews
- Strategy sessions

Why is this Audit important?

Because I can't write revenue-driving copy about a product I don't understand to an audience I don't know.

For a full, start-to-finish overview of the Messaging & Positioning Audit, go here.

Option 2) 1-on-1 Copy & Content Consulting → $150/hour

This option is ideal if you already have great marketing game and a team to execute, but you need a trusted resource to go to with specific questions.

How it works: 

- We'll hop on Zoom and I'll answer your copy questions
- I'll share my copy & content templates and frameworks (plus how to use them)

Instead of wasting hours Googling tips and tricks from HubSpot’s 2010 blog archives, you'll plug right into a brain that's spent years as a professional B2B SaaS copywriter with dozens of venture-backed and profitable self-funded clients.

Does not include production work (i.e. writing your page).

Here's the link to schedule a consulting call.

Two more important things to note here:

1) I charge by the project.

Why? Hourly rates shift your focus to hours when we should be focusing on results. Hourly rates also incentivize the freelancer to take as long as they can to maximize their payout. My goal is to impact your revenue, not play games.

Quoted per project, you know every dime you’re spending before we even start and we can focus on what matters - results.

2) Most of my projects range from $8,500 to $15,000. Share your budget with me in the form, and I can give you a quote.

Important payment details to note:

- For new clients, I have a $8,500 project minimum. If we're a fit, you'll receive a quote including each deliverable you need as well as a Messaging & Positioning Audit.

- Payment is required in full before our project start date.

- Refund Policy: If you cancel our project within a week (5 business days) of the start date, I’ll refund half of the total project fee because I’m a human and I understand that things happen. But after this point, your payment is non-refundable. I’ve never been asked for a refund.

What’s your lead time?

~4-6 weeks from the start date.

Full disclosure, my calendar is usually booked a month or two out. You should be wary of the copywriter who can start yesterday. I don’t like to pick on people. But if you want a professional, what makes you think that person doesn’t already have a pile of other client work on their plate?

Copy converts when it’s done right, not fast.

The wait is completely worth it.

Can you guarantee conversions?

Nobody, including me, can guarantee conversions.


There are many variables that I do not control. You might not have a deep enough product market fit yet. You might “tweak” my copy in ways that you think are small, but tank your conversions. Your sales team might scare prospects away.

Plus, nothing in marketing is ever guaranteed no matter how good you are. It’s not pure science.
That said, I take your results just as seriously as my own.

I’ve done this before and have the results to prove it.

”If your SaaS product has a positioning problem...”

"Brooks is a master at helping SaaS businesses positioning their product and write truly converting copy.

His approach to jobs-to-be-done research and unique ability to exract effective language and organize it into a better home page and marketing materials is bar none.

We now use Brooks on all of our products within our SaaS portfolio at Inturact Capital.

If your SaaS product has a positioning problem and your marketing efforts are just not converting, Brooks is your best bet at turning things around.

Trevor Hatfield, Product Led Growth at Inturact Capital

”He deeply understands the B2B buyer’s process.”

"Brooks has been great to work with. He dove deep into learning not only who our customer is, but exactly how they speak. He reviewed hundreds of reviews, watched demos of our software, conducted interviews and pored over blog posts to make sure he had a great understanding. This is what sets Brooks apart from other generalist copywriters.

He deeply understands the B2B buyer's process. This combined with the ability to write like the customer speaks causes his copy to resonate in a way other copy can’t.

If you have a SaaS copywriting project I'd highly recommend Brooks."

Bryan Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Limble CMMS

”Insightful questions to help shape strategy”

"As a freelance copywriter, Brooks has become an invaluable member of our extended creative marketing team at Looker/Google Cloud.

He’s organized, engaged, and obviously loves what he does. He has adapted to our brand’s voice and tone, and takes direction well when needed. His work – email campaigns, blogs, websites, interviews – and working style have been highly praised by our full-time team at all levels.

We’ve had existing campaigns increase in engagement after he optimized them. He’s also helped build new campaigns that have performed above our goals/ KPIs.Brooks is a true collaborator who always asks insightful questions to help shape the strategy of every project. He dives into research with alacrity, seeking to understand a challenging industry and a complex product.

He cares deeply about knowing the audience and the humanity behind the product, so the message is on target at every touchpoint. I highly recommend Brooks to anyone or any org looking for a smart, passionate writer with a sense of humor, who – most importantly – gets results."

Karen Lo, Customer Experience Art Director at Looker