Process is what makes copy convert. Here's mine:

From first meetings to final drafts.
Review my process to get a good idea of what working with me will be like.

1. Online Proposal

We’ve talked through your messaging goals and what you’re looking for in a project.

I'll send you a short proposal that includes:

1. Expectations from both you and me
2. Overall scope and list of items I’ll deliver
3. My earliest available start date
4. Deadlines

2. Messaging Audit

Before I write one word, I'll take a deep dive into analytics, competitors, positioning, product &customers.

I’ll dig into your website, recorded demos, analytics, user sessions, chat logs, and anything else that helps me understand your product's value.

Ideally, I’ll interview your customers, sales team, and get a demo of your product.

3. I write your deliverables

I use my findings to write your copy.

I include low-fi mockups in Balsamiq and suggestions for the copy’s layout and design — no guessing which blocks of text go where.

Along with the finished copy and wireframe, I attach an in-depth video recording with suggestions for how I envision it’s design and presentation.

But your designers can use their expertise to frame it how they see fit. And of course, we go through revisions until both sides are satisfied.

4. Ongoing projects

Ongoing client relationships are ultimately what I aim for.

The more high-converting assets you have, the more profitable your funnel becomes.

I often work this part into the initial agreement with clients. It’s best to have a writer in your corner to keep pumping out great content over the long-term.

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