What makes me different and why should that matter to you?

Here's the skinny:

I have the adademic research & writing background to excel in data-driven messaging.

The technical nature of B2B SaaS products doesn’t phase me.

I deeply understand the subscription revenue waterfall and how to write conversion copy for existing customers and prospects.
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"Brooks has been great to work with. He dove deep into learning not only who our customer is, but exactly how they speak. He reviewed hundreds of reviews, watched demos of our software, conducted interviews and pored over blog posts to make sure he had a great understanding. This is what sets Brooks apart from other generalist copywriters.

He deeply understands specifically what a buyer does when purchasing SaaS software. This combined with the ability to write like the customer speaks causes his copy to resonate in a way other copy can’t.

If you have a SaaS copywriting project I'd highly recommend Brooks."

Bryan Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Limble CMMS
“What I love most about working with Brooks is that he doesn’t write any copy until he digs around inside your customers’ heads and highlights the product’s unique value points.

He knows what it takes to make SaaS products resonate with an audience. He sifted through hours and hours of customer data to pull out the key benefits and pain points that belonged in our website, landing pages and email copy.

It’s refreshing to have a copywriter in your court who prioritizes conversions and provides value beyond just writing results-focused copy.”

Mike McCabe, Co-Founder of SimpleCrew
"We ended up with 25 registrants; 14  attended and all were engaged and asking questions. Thanks for your work getting the invite copy and event landing page copy!"

Seema Rizvi, Customer Marketing Manager at Looker

The technical details of your product don’t phase me.

It can be stressful not knowing if the freelancer you hired will "get it." With me, you're getting a copywriter who's worked with clients in data science, IoT, martech, supply chain, and dozens of other SaaS niches.

I understand your recurring
revenue model and my copy’s direct impact on it.

You’re laser focused on fixing churn and customer retention, and so am I. After spending years in SaaS, I can delineate between existing customers and new prospects.


I’m a published researcher in two scholarly medical journals.

”But what’s that got to do with copywriting?”

Everything (let me explain).

Before I began pursuing writing as a career, I spent months as a medical research assistant at UF Health Proton Therapy Institute working on radiotherapy cancer studies.

Our data ended up getting published twice. Once in Acta Oncologica and once in Radiotherapy & Oncology.

From these experiences, I took away academic rigor, how to apply it and why it matters. A skill the marketing industry needs more of. Now, I take that same rigor and apply it to your copy.

You can download two published studies here and here. My name is in the acknowledgements section.
"As a freelance copywriter, Brooks has become an invaluable member of our extended creative marketing team at Looker/Google Cloud.

He’s organized, engaged, and obviously loves what he does. He has adapted to our brand’s voice and tone, and takes direction well when needed. His work – email campaigns, blogs, websites, interviews – and working style have been highly praised by our full-time team at all levels.

We’ve had existing campaigns increase in engagement after he optimized them. He’s also helped build new campaigns that have performed above our goals/ KPIs.Brooks is a true collaborator who always asks insightful questions to help shape the strategy of every project. He dives into research with alacrity, seeking to understand a challenging industry and a complex product.

He cares deeply about knowing the audience and the humanity behind the product, so the message is on target at every touchpoint. I highly recommend Brooks to anyone or any org looking for a smart, passionate writer with a sense of humor, who – most importantly – gets results."

Karen Lo, Customer Experience Art Director at Looker
“Brooks’s knowledge of the managed data solutions market, combined with his ability to quickly absorb the technical details of a service offering and then turn it into clear, compelling copy, all set him apart from a generalist copywriter.

He relentlessly prioritizes understanding the client’s needs and work to satisfy them by the agreed upon deadlines. After months of working closely with Brooks, I have only good things to say about his attention to detail, commitment and the quality of the work he turns in.

I recommend his services to any technology-related business that needs strong copy for websites, landing pages, case studies and video scripts.”

Marc DeCarlo, Founder & CEO of RAN Wireless

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