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Specific campaign in mind? I write campaign or launch-specific landing pages.

Case studies

I write case studies that document wins help your sales team close deals faster.

Long form content

I help put write product training material that helps your account champions get buy-in.

Conversion strategy

Iterative strategy shaped by customer data and feedback loops from in-market assets.

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“Sprout Social Enterprise Acquisition Landing Page (V2)”
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Rob Norris Sees CrowdHealth as a Superior Health Insurance Alternative for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Rob Norris is a seasoned entrepreneur based in Charlotte, North Carolina who has started multiple business ventures over the years.

His ventures include EnergyXchain, patent backed blockchain software for the Energy sector; Empowered, a benefits enrollment platform sold to Aflac; Vialogix, a web development firm; and he now publishes a tech newsletter called Launch Key.

But traditional health insurance was always a hurdle. Rob felt it was designed more for corporations and their employees, leaving small businesses and the self-employed facing high costs for little use. With CrowdHealth, that changed.

The Problem:

Self-employment exposed Rob to the challenges of health insurance (i.e. the Medical Industrial Complex). Despite being minimal users of healthcare services, he and his wife found themselves with a questionable return on their high monthly insurance cost."The traditional insurance model was literally only for catastrophic coverage for us," Rob points out. The murky waters of healthcare pricing, alongside high annual out-of-pocket costs, intensified the issue.

The traditional setup, he felt, penalized individuals for entrepreneurship by imposing steep premiums with scant assurance of coverage when you actually need it. Pay high monthly premiums, get sick once per year, and everything still out of pocket.Traditional health insurance felt like gambling with your earnings, where the house almost always won. This facet discourages not just Rob but many others keen on launching their own ventures from the corporate springboard.

Brook Lockett
Made some final revisions to the case study. What do you think?
Andy Schoonover
Looks great. Let’s ship it!
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”Insightful questions to help shape strategy”

"As a freelance copywriter, Brooks has become an invaluable member of our extended creative marketing team at Looker/Google Cloud.

He’s organized, engaged, and obviously loves what he does. He has adapted to our brand’s voice and tone, and takes direction well when needed. His work – email campaigns, blogs, websites, interviews – and working style have been highly praised by our full-time team at all levels.

He cares deeply about knowing the audience and the humanity behind the product, so the message is on target at every touchpoint. I highly recommend Brooks to anyone or any org looking for a smart, passionate writer with a sense of humor, who – most importantly – gets results."

Karen Lo
Customer Experience Director at Looker

”He deeply understands the B2B buyer’s process.”

"Brooks has been great to work with. He dove deep into learning not only who our customer is, but exactly how they speak. He reviewed hundreds of reviews, watched demos of our software, conducted interviews and pored over blog posts to make sure he had a great understanding. This is what sets Brooks apart from other generalist copywriters.

He deeply understands the B2B buyer's process. This combined with the ability to write like the customer speaks causes his copy to resonate in a way other copy can’t.

If you have a SaaS copywriting project I'd highly recommend Brooks."

Bryan Christiansen
CEO & Co-Founder of Limble CMMS

”If your SaaS product has a positioning problem...”

"Brooks is a master at helping SaaS businesses positioning their product and write truly converting copy.

His approach to jobs-to-be-done research and unique ability to extract effective language and organize it into a better home page and marketing materials is bar none.

We now use Brooks on all of our products within our SaaS portfolio at Inturact Capital.

If your SaaS product has a positioning problem and your marketing efforts are just not converting, Brooks is your best bet at turning things around."

Trevor Hatfield
Product Led Growth at Inturact Capital

“500+ high-quality enterprise leads @ sub-$150 CPL”

“If you’re on the hunt for a skilled long-form content writer who intimately understands the enterprise sales landscape, I highly recommend Brooks.

He demonstrated a profound understanding of AI & ML solutions which greatly informed his content creation process. His first deliverable was a dense, high-value Automotive eBook which generated over 500 high-quality enterprise leads @ sub-$150 CPL. With Brooks, you’re not just hiring a writer, you’re gaining a strategist who can truly drive results. We’ve hired Brooks for many more projects since.”

‍Andrew Weisselberg
Head of Demand Generation & Digital Marketing at SoundHound AI

"106% Outlook trial increase. 38% Gmail trial increase. 32% qualified pipeline increase."

"Brooks worked on a huge conversion copywriting project we ran at Yesware to re-work our homepage.Some quick project results:• Outlook trial starts increased 106% month over month

  • Gmail trial starts increased 38% month over month
  • Homepage conversion increased from 3.9% to 4.4%, a 13% lift
  • Leads increased 18% month over month
  • We added 32% more new qualified opportunities to our pipeline from the month before. So while lead flow did increase, there was an even greater increase in the amount of net new pipeline generated the following month since the new homepage was live."
Ian Adams
VP of Marketing & Sales at Yesware
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