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My backstory and how I landed here

Hi, I'm Brooks

Before I tell you my story, I’ll answer a burning question: “Why choose copywriting & content as a career?” Because I care about helping businesses who are solving hard problems. Business is stressful. If I can play a small part in making it less stressful for people through better software, that's a win. As someone who is self-employed, I couldn't run my freelance business without SaaS for billing, design, web hosting, email, storage, and a million other things. SaaS is what gives me the freedom to travel, work from anywhere, and spend time doing the things I care about.

"Why position yourself specifically for SaaS & B2B companies?"

When you have generalists with no industry experience build the engine, you end up with  surface-level marketing fluff. Visitors will bounce, confused, never to return again. You might have a truly disruptive product. But how will anyone ever know if you don't explain its value properly? The generalist who claims they can get results in every type of copy for every industry is either exaggerating or lying to you. Specialized writers already get it because we have skin in the game.

Now a little bit about my background:

I've been on my own for 6 years, in technology marketing for a decade. I also loved the idea of building a solo online business while traveling with my amazing girlfriend. I spend my days working with high-growth AI, SaaS & B2B companies. Outside of work, you’ll find me reading great fiction, traveling, cycling, climbing, and writing on my blog.

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