Are you ignoring your button copy?

You cannot convert online without clicking one or more buttons. 

Buttons are the conversion site. They're where conversions physically happen.

Yet they're treated as afterthoughts by 99% of SaaS marketers.

This is a major rookie mistake that creates missed opportunities.

And I want to show you some helpful examples so you can start giving your button copy the attention it deserves.

No more "Submit", "Request Demo", "Learn More" - ok?

  1. Insightly

It's helpful to fill in your button copy with "I want to {insert copy here}" and use that as your CTA.

Insightly does this, but they need to ask themselves "What really happens when prospects click this button?"

Get absurdly specific about it. I clicked, and it turns out they offer a free assessment, which is way more compelling than "Request A Demo" like all their competitors are doing.

  1. Brainshark

Ugh "Get Started" — what does that mean?

Am I going to have to spend the next 2 hours figuring out how to set up an account? And your definition of a "Quick Preview" might look way different than mine. 

I have doubts.

Doubts = friction = missed opportunities.

Why send ~600k+ traffic to this page then be vague about what you want that traffic to do?

  1. Tribyl

Their entire hero section is focused on messaging and positioning, but it's not clear in their button copy (aka the spot where conversions happen) what happens next.

Buttons are doors, and doors are scary when you don't know exactly what's on the other side.

Make your buttons more compelling, and watch more people click on them.

  1. Gnowbe

Gnowbe’s headline could be way better. But this article's focus is not headlines.

Both of these buttons seem like work. A lot of work. Like "I'm leaving this site" work. 

Gnowbe should ask themselves "how much work is involved in this?" and optimize accordingly.

The words "inquire" and "request" don’t compel - they repel. 

I'd much rather see what the platform looks like on something I care about: their own content.

And for the ones who want to have a conversation, let them know that there are friendly consultants who just want to help on the other side of that door, and they're more than welcome to walk right in.

  1. Dooly

Dooly's headline: amazing, clear and well-positioned.

Dooly's button copy: needs work.

Using words like "Start" is vague and signifies to the prospect that there's a lot of work involved here. 

A headline this amazing needs amazing button copy. Play off the headline and ensure that they can easily log in with Salesforce, and watch your signups skyrocket.

  1. Chorus

This is an example where headlines and buttons can work together to convert prospects. 

"Get a demo" is ok. Not great, but it's ok. But that's not what we want here. We want this hero section to convert like crazy.

“Yes, show me how” excites them and poses as the answer to the headline, moving your prospect to that "micro-yes" we want here.