How to turn Reddit conversations into sticky copy:

You don’t ever, ever, Ever, EVER! dream up copy.

You take information about human beings that already exists and translate it into a persuasive argument.

The best copy isn’t written – it’s sniffed right out of prospects’ heads.

You’re a detective first, writer second.

And where can you put your detective hat on and find the best messages to persuade prospects to buy your SaaS product?

Not marketing surveys. Not “brainstorming”.


Let’s walk through, step-by-step, how to do it:

Starting with an example, BoomTown.

BoomTown is a lead generation software that sells to real estate agents.

I went on Reddit, then found the most popular subreddits within this niche: r/realtors.

Then looked for people talking about what they’re struggling with...

Read through the answers...

Emotionally-charged language is what we’re looking for. People just spilling their guts. 

I took the lead-gen focused phrases and turned them into this new headline:

We want headlines that are rooted in how people really think about things. 

You get to how they really think and feel by going deep, not broad.

So for the roughly 700k monthly visitors that land on BoomTown’s website...

Numbers from SimilarWeb

They can actually give them a headline that hits them right in the feels (because feels move people to buying decisions).

Here’s an example of a real estate client I worked with, Glide

Glide makes transaction management software for real estate.

From Reddit mining, plus a bunch of customer interviews, we knew agents were always pressed for time and struggled with the long hours they had to work. 

Time savings = gold to agents.

Hence headline:

Now let’s look at how to write emails by leveraging Reddit.

Using another client example, Limble.

Found this interesting post at the top of the feed:

And read through the comments...

And wrote an email from it:

Connecting the dots

Reddit is the “wild”.

People are extremely transparent (perhaps a little too much at times) and that’s exactly the material you need to write copy that breaks through to your readers.

So writers, marketers, startup founders… I hope this gives you a new way to look at Reddit.

You’ll be happy you started using it as the asset it truly is.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found it somewhat useful. Any specific questions lmk in the comments. 

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~ Brooks