Solo copywriting businesses are rocks (and why that should make copywriters bullish)

When it comes to revenue, clients, confidence and reputation-building…

Somewhere in the back of many copywriters’ minds lingers the question, “Ok, but is a solo copywriting business viable for the long-term?”

It all boils down to building your business on top of the rock.

When economic storms come, solo businesses built on top of the rock are left standing, just as they were before the storm hit.

Because the rock is the organic demand for sales that will never stop existing.

Copywriters are service providers for sales at scale.

No matter if market conditions tell us it’s a recession or the most bullish market we’ve ever seen, it doesn’t matter nearly as much for solo copywriters.

As long as people still read and buy products and services, (good) copywriters will remain in high demand.

The ability to sell at scale should give any copywriter - beginner, intermediate or advanced pro - the confidence of an evil villain with laser eyes.

Now, demand for specific niche expertise is stronger in certain areas than others… but that’s a different conversation.

The point is, (good) copywriters aren’t selling a service businesses don’t need.

Sales will always be hard, and copywriters solve sales problems.

And having a diversified roster of clients who trust you to solve their sales problems is an antifragile move.

And diversified soloprenuers live for the antifragile moves.

Copywriting skills apply to:

  • All distribution channels
  • All industries
  • All products
  • All services

It’s why copywriting businesses almost never “go under” (it’s really hard to have a monumental failure as a freelance copywriter).

Of course, you won’t have the same scale as an eCommerce or SaaS company, but at least you know your margins will always be fat and (good) copywriters will never have to become commodities.

Next to writing code, writing copy that works hard on your client’s behalf (and your own behalf) is one of the highest-value skills that you can possibly have.

Contrast this with big businesses with 10,000+ employees.

Big bets can pay off, but when market conditions take a turn for the worse they usually end up with layoffs, budget cuts and salary reductions.

Solo copywriting businesses stay lean and high-margin during bull markets and bear markets.

Great times ahead for copywriters who focus on fundamentals and antifragility.

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