Value proposition re-writes with (part 1)

I recently worked with on a value proposition re-write, so i figured I'd share them here.

First up, Uku:

Original Post

The notes:

With software especially, it’s essential to position yourself.

With the old copy, “Efficiency” is not a defensible product positioning. If I Google “accounting practice management software” I see entrenched competitors with hundreds of thousands to millions in monthly traffic (numbers from SimilarWeb).

Since you’re a startup in such a competitive space, you need to make it clear that you already have customers and how you’re uniquely different from ReceiptBank, QuickBooks Online Accountant, OfficeTools, Financial Cents, Canopy, and JetPack Workflow.

Because you’re getting compared to these guys side-by-side. And if you don’t give your clients anything uniquely valuable to sink their teeth into with your copy, they’re going to go with one of your more-proven competitors.

In the new headline, it shines the spotlight onto your ideal customer and gives them a reason to choose you by agitating a specific pain point: spending time on admin tasks when they could be using that precious time doing the work they’re trained to do.

It also gives you a clear position in the market: “We’re the ones who help you focus on what matters most to your accounting business.”

Apply this thinking to your Go to Market message, and you’ll stand out.