Value proposition re-writes with (Part 2)

Part 2 in a series of value proposition re-writes I worked on with


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The notes:

This is a classic case of wanting to throw every conceivable benefit at the prospect.

While this approach makes sense in theory, it usually ends up diluting your core value proposition and confuses prospects, rather than convert them.

In the old copy, there were four image sliders that didn’t give me time to really read and understand your headline, so it’s best to go with one and make it count.

When you dig into your FAQs, you get to the stuff that really tells prospects what they want to know.

I pulled a lot of that information into the new copy:

Shows who this service is ideal for: “authors with commercial aspirations for their work”

Shows your social proof that prospects want to know about: “how many authors have you helped already? So that way I know I’m not taking a huge risk in working with you?”

Shows them the exact services you’re offering that they’re looking for and leaving no room for ambiguity: “Grow social media followings, arrange book store events, and land book reviews in newspapers and magazines.”

Also overcomes an objection that you had listed in your FAQs: “Will I retain 100% of my copyrights to my book?”

By answering these questions right off the bat, you’re giving prospects the information they need to feel good about taking the next step.

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